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Murmur is a work in progress abstract narrative VR experience about perception, alienness and communication. 

Imagine an interactive Joan Miró painting made with elementary particles,  a responsive audio-visual quantum poem to explore and dive in.

Murmur is also about being a stranger to the unknown, diving into it and embrace the discovery. 

As a stranger in the world of Murmur you can simply float and observe the unknown, or you can choose to use your own voice modulations to interact with your surroundings, see and hear what happens, react to stimuli and progress through the story. 

Will you stay silent in the void? What will you find there?

Murmur is also a visual experiment on what can be seen in VR, melting foregrounds and backgrounds, glitching and merging spaces and colors to trick the eyes and brain, opening ways to new scapes that can't be experienced in the real world. 

Sound design is a big part of the experience, mixing low frequencies raw noise samples and pieces of sounds created by the taiwanese Noise artist Yi Lu to illustrate these unknown spaces and encounters. 
The raw aspect of the audio part, half ambient half noise and it's spatial nature contributes to generate better emotional immersion and a stronger physicallity to the experience.

Yi Lu and I have been collaborating for 4 years on avant-garde live performances as the audio-visual duo Sondes and we're planning to integrate Murmur in future live performances and a possible immersive installation.

MURMUR is still in development, the demo available below is only a single sequence part of the whole narration. 

Install instructions

[MURMUR is currently in development, so feel free to post any bugs or feedback in the comments. This demo is a visual proof of concept without narrative elements yet]

• Since MURMUR uses the HMD microphone, it's better to experience in a quiet place with no external noises to avoid audio disturbances. 

• OpenVR via SteamVR compatible, Oculus Rift / HTC Vive . 

• Download the zip, extract the package, relax and run the Murmur_Alpha_OVR.exe file

• Controls : In this short sequence use gaze and voice modulations to interact and direct  the "voice sphere", look at the different floating  entities and hum or whistle towards them. Long smooth sounds works better to fine control the sphere, but feel free to scream out loud too. No VR Controllers are needed.

SAFETY WARNING : This app contains some flashing lights and colors. People diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy, or have a history of seizures should be especially careful. Viewer discretion is advised.


Murmur_AlphaDemo_OVR.zip 61 MB


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are you planing to port this to the quest???

Hi, yes it's in progress, the Quest should be the final platform, with hand tracking support. It will be a longer version of Murmur. I don't have a release date yet but I aim at Q1 2021. 

Awesome I can’t wait :)

Deleted 2 years ago